Maintenance of suspension, bikes and tested tips:

  • Based on years of experience, we advise our clients that beside the basic routine maintenance that should be done every 30 to 50 working hours ( depending on the manufacturer of suspension) to make one General Service after 90 to 120 hours of use, configured to completely repair and replace the oil - air seals, damping oil and lubricating oil. We also advise annual review (service) for entire bike (hub bearings, crank bearings, steering bearings, chains, sprockets, brakes, brake fluid, brake pads ... etc.).
  • We recommend preventive inspection with level of lubricating oil check when purchasing a new suspension!
  • We recommend for your safety full preventive inspection when buying second-hand suspension or bicycle!
  • We recommend to use only dedicated cleaners when cleaning your suspension!
  • We recommend you remove all dirt from upper fork legs, rear shock absorber and bicycle moving parts (chain, gears, sprockets, etc.) after each ride!
  • We suggest when cleaning the moving parts of the bicycle you use dedicated lubricantsin order to additionally ensure optimal performance of your suspension and whole bike.
  • We advise to carefully check fork and shock absorber as well as the whole bike for any damage that may occur when transporting bicycle, fails, hits from rocks, etc. while doing regular cleaning. With timely detection and elimination of damages you can prevent more serious injuries and possible accidents while riding.
  • We advise weekly check of air pressure in fork and shock absorber for regular recreational use. For professional cyclists and serious enthusiasts, we recommend checking of the pressure before each ride.

The right setting of sag:

  • SAG ON FORK: Before you go on a bicycle in full equipment, slide the rubber - SAG SETTING O-RING that is on the upper legs on the left or right side of the leg to the dust seals, in case you do not have rubber you may temporarily install the cable tie which you slightly tighten, check that the fork or shock is unlocked (o / c, o / b, fit, terralogic or brain system) and then get on the bike for 7 to 10 seconds in such position you have riding standing up. Then slowly step down from bicycle and measure the distance between dust seal and rubber. This distance should be between 15% - 25% of your total travel. A full stroke shall be measured from the dust seals to about 5mm from the top of the stanchion.
  • SAG SHOCK: For Rear Shock is almost identical to the previous method, but instead of standing on the bike gently sit down in a position that you have while driving. Sag may also vary depending on your driving style and purpose of bicycle.

Setting suspension:

In case that suspension does not consume the full travel, feeling the harsh and has a bad wheel traction during turns, then the hardness of the spring or compression is too high.

Reduce the pressure in suspension or replace spring with a softer or decrease the compression damping at high speed compresion which is in the final stroke or low speed compresion which in the initial stroke and turn the knob counter-clockwise.

In case the suspension is too soft throughout the entire stroke (bottom out suspension), then the spring is too soft or too soft compression setting.

Increase the pressure in the suspension or replace the spring with a stiffer one or increase the compression damping at high speed compresion which is in the final stroke or low speed compresion which is the initial stroke and rotate the knob clockwise.

In case when first bump in a series is taken well but harsh over later bumps, poor traction in washboard corners worse - harden, then the suspension is too suppressed - rebound too closed.

Increase the damping rebound on low speed rebound and rotate the knob counter-clockwise.

If the suspension returns too quickly to bumps and grip is poor on bumpy curves, then the damping is too fast - Rebound too opened.

Decrease the damping rebound on low speed rebound and rotate the knob clockwise.

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